5 Common Myths About Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is pervasive and problematic. At least 20% of American adults struggle with chronic pain that interferes with their quality of life. Living with chronic pain isn’t easy, and sometimes it can stop you from taking part in your regular activities, work, and getting enough sleep.    

There are also many myths about chronic pain that may prevent you from finding relief. In fact, both the public and some in the healthcare and wellness industry misunderstand chronic pain and how to treat it. 

Fortunately, at Boston PainCare, with offices in Waltham, Concord, and Natick, Massachusetts, our expert pain management providers know the facts and help patients struggling with chronic pain find lasting relief. Our practice offers many treatment options for different types of pain.  

We’ve created this guide to bust some common myths about chronic pain. Read on to learn the facts about chronic pain!

Myth #1: Pain medicine is the only way to ease chronic pain

Nothing could be further from the truth. While pain medicine can work as a part of your chronic pain management plan, many other treatment modalities exist and effectively ease chronic pain. Alternative treatments, including behavior therapy, massage, and functional rehabilitation, can be excellent complements to mainstream treatments. Your provider at Boston PainCare recommends the best treatments for you based on your unique situation.

Myth #2: Pain is a normal part of aging

Some aches and pains may appear as you age because of natural wear-and-tear on your body, but these differ from chronic pain. Older adults do have a greater chance of developing conditions that may cause chronic pain, such as osteoarthritis, but not every aging adult develops chronic pain. Our team works with patients of all ages to alleviate chronic pain.

Myth #3: Chronic pain is all in your head

Nothing is worse than being told you’re imagining your pain. While it's sometimes difficult to determine the underlying cause of your pain, something is making you hurt. The specialists at Boston PainCare have the expertise to get your answers faster. 

That being said, dwelling on chronic pain can actually make you feel worse or heighten your pain experience. It’s important not to ignore chronic pain but to keep looking for solutions. Your provider at Boston PainCare listens to you and is here to help.

Myth #4: Exercise makes chronic pain worse

Staying sedentary and avoiding physical activity isn’t the way to alleviate chronic pain. While staying off your feet may be appropriate when you have acute pain due to an injury, such as a sprained ankle, being inactive can actually make chronic pain worse. 

If you’re struggling with chronic pain, it’s important to stay active. A regular exercise routine that incorporates flexibility, aerobic, and strengthening exercises help alleviate chronic pain because exercise stimulates the production of hormones, such as serotonin, that make you feel good and reduce pain perception. Your provider at Boston PainCare works with you to recommend an appropriate exercise program.

Myth #5: Chronic pain means surgery is inevitable

Not everyone with chronic pain needs surgery. In fact, at Boston PainCare we treat chronic pain using a multi-disciplinary approach. Your treatment plan may include a combination of physical therapy, medications, exercise, and behavioral techniques to achieve successful pain reduction. Surgery may be effective for some patients, but most sufferers of chronic pain find effective relief through less invasive alternatives. 

Ready to say goodbye to chronic pain? Learn how the pain management specialists at Boston PainCare can help. Contact the office nearest you to schedule an appointment now!

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