How Functional Rehabilitation Can Help You Become More Active

It’s no secret that being physically active offers health benefits to people of every age. For some men and women, however, becoming more active isn’t as easy as slipping on a pair of shoes and going for a walk. Age, illness, and mobility issues can make being active virtually impossible.

If this sounds familiar, functional rehabilitation therapy may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Since your needs are unique, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The team at Boston PainCare with offices in Waltham, Concord, and Natick, Massachusetts, creates a game plan customized for you.  

Working with the functional rehabilitation specialists at Boston PainCare is the best way to put yourself back in motion. Read on to learn more about functional rehabilitation and how it can help you become more active!

What is functional rehabilitation?

Functional rehabilitation is a unique approach to physical rehabilitation that involves evaluation and exercises designed to mimic activities in real life. By combining strength, flexibility, and agility training along with focused training on coordination and motion, functional rehab prepares you to return to an active life.

By focusing comprehensively, the goal of the approach is to help you return to your regular activities of daily living as well as physical activities sooner. What’s more? Functional rehab helps you improve your physical ability in order to improve performance and prevent further pain.

At Boston PainCare, our clinicians work with you to design a customized rehab plan that starts with where you are today in your recovery journey, whether that’s an injury that sidelined you from sports or a chronic, debilitating condition that interferes with simple, everyday activity. 

How does a multi-disciplinary approach help?

Our practice uses a team approach making use of multiple disciplines of care to provide you the best treatment possible. Working together, we help you take the steps necessary to improve your life and become more active. 

Because the Boston PainCare approach includes collaboration with your care providers from multiple disciplines, you have an entire team monitoring your progress and making changes along the way as needed.

Members from our Behavior Health department help include non-medication treatments, utilizing different therapeutic modalities to address the impact pain has on your quality of life, relationships, and self-worth. 

Since patient education is a core value at Boston PainCare, we offer complimentary workshops as part of our functional rehabilitation program. These workshops provide information on a wide range of topics related to your care, including pain management, quality of life, and improving functionality. 

What are functional activities?

The Boston PainCare team offers a program in functional activities strength training, the FAST Track Program. The program teaches patients looking to become more active through different functional actions and skills taught in a class setting.

Each class teaches patients a systematic chain of movements tailored to address the pain issues of each individual participant. This chain of simple yet complex movements helps you achieve a higher level of functionality than you would by performing them individually. 

Taught by a Boston PainCare physician, the combined movements include exercises that help you improve:

Find out more about the unique and comprehensive functional rehabilitation program offered at Boston PainCare by contacting the office nearest you to schedule a consultation. 

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