Our FAST Track Program Helps You Reclaim an Active Life

Our FAST Track Program Helps You Reclaim an Active Life

Exercising regularly and being physically active provides you with numerous health benefits, from protection against cancer and heart disease to better mental health. Whether you’re recovering from injury, rehabilitating after an illness, or struggling because of age-related mobility issues, losing your ability to be active isn’t just frustrating — it’s bad for your health.

At Boston PainCare, our providers help patients in the Waltham, Natick, and Concord, Massachusetts, areas reclaim their active lifestyles using functional rehabilitation. As part of our integrated approach to wellness, we use the FAST Track Program. Learn more here! 

Why choose functional rehabilitation?

Functional rehabilitation helps you reclaim mobility by looking at how well you can carry out real-life actions and activities. By looking at how your body works as a whole, we help you return to the movements of daily life and exercise and prevent future issues from developing. 

At Boston PainCare, we use an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to care. In other words, your team of providers includes specialists from several disciplines to ensure your needs are holistically met. 

Your team monitors your progress and collaborates as needed. For example, your team member from Behavioral Therapy may incorporate non-medicinal therapies and coping skills while your Pain Management specialist may recommend different interventional treatments, like a nerve block or injection, to help you improve your activity levels while managing your pain.  

How can the FAST Track Program help me be more active?

The FAST (functional activities strength training) Track Program helps patients become more active using a class setting to teach skills and functional actions. By mimicking activities performed in everyday life, our team helps you perform better physically without pain

During each FAST Track Program class, your Boston PainCare provider teaches the participants a systematic chain of movements. These movements work together to help you achieve better physical functionality so you can become more active in your everyday life and include:

The movements may seem simple on the surface, but they’re actually a complex system that trains your muscles to work together better. 

The program is perfect for patients with chronic pain and other conditions that impact your ability to be active since our providers customize the actions for every participant based on their unique pain or mobility issues.     

Because the FAST Track Program emphasizes a strong core, stabilizing the muscles of your abdomen, back, and sides, you’re able to perform general, everyday activities more safely and with less pain. We extend this philosophy to your entire body, you’re able to maintain good form, build your balance and coordination, and increase your range of motion safely and effectively. 

Ready to reclaim your active lifestyle? Learn how the team at Boston PainCare and the FAST Track Program can help you get there by contacting the office nearest you in Waltham, Natick, or Concord, Massachusetts. 

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