When Medication Management Might Be Necessary

If you’re one of the 20% or more of Americans struggling with chronic pain, you know it can make life a challenge. Millions of people use pain medications, like opioids, to cope. But these medications bring a host of unwanted side effects, including addiction and dependency.

The expert pain management specialists at Boston PainCare are dedicated to helping patients suffering from chronic pain in the Waltham, Natick, and Concord, Massachusetts, areas. Our compassionate care team helps you reduce or eliminate the need for pain medications with our comprehensive medication management program.

Take a moment to learn more about medication management and when it might be a necessary and valuable therapeutic option. 

What is medication management?

Pain management medications can play an important role in mitigating discomfort and helping people with chronic pain successfully get through their day. Each year, over 4.5 billion prescriptions are filled at US pharmacies, with about one-third of Americans fulfilling a prescription for an opioid medication.     

If you’re like most Americans, chances are you take more than one medication to manage your pain. Your physicians use medication management to help ensure you receive the best therapeutic outcome possible while limiting your risk of dependency. 

At Boston PainCare, medication management begins with a comprehensive evaluation. During this four to six-week period, your physicians don’t prescribe medications so they can better understand your unique pain treatment needs. 

Our practice uses a holistic approach to pain treatment with the goal of reducing or eliminating the use of drugs to alleviate your pain and optimize your functionality. We use the lowest doses of pain medications necessary by including alternate treatments as part of your customized treatment protocol, including proven modalities such as:

By reducing your use of prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs, we help you live a healthier life with less pain. 

When is medication management necessary?

Anyone who uses pain medications to cope with chronic pain or underlying health conditions can benefit from a medication management program. Some circumstances make medication management more necessary.

For example, many senior citizens take multiple medications. On average, Americans aged 65-69 fill approximately 14 prescriptions each year, rising to 18 annual prescriptions by age 80. Medication management helps reduce unwanted side effects while optimizing your pain relief.

Medication management may also become necessary if you find yourself needing more and more medication to get the same level of relief, which is a sign of dependency. Our team helps adjust your dosages and medication schedule while adding non-medication therapies to improve your outcome.

Other reasons medication management might be necessary include:

To avoid these and other negative effects of mismanagement medication, it’s important to be proactive and consult with your pain specialist at Boston PainCare to discuss medication management before the development of any negative symptoms. 

Learn more about the benefits of medication management and whether it’s right for you by contacting the pain specialists at Boston PainCare in Waltham, Natick, or Concord, Massachusetts, today! 

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