August 2018 Patient Spotlight - Meet Marsha!


If you have the opportunity to meet Marsha, you will be in for a treat!

Marsha was ranked #2 in the women’s National US Racquetball Association Division A. She’s played racquetball professionally for 32 years. She has been on staff at the Wayside Athletic Club since 1986 and is currently the Director of their Racquetball program. She is also an AmPro certified Advanced Racquetball Instructor. Marsha has taught and run the racquetball program for almost 30 years, and has included amongst her students several nationally ranked junior players. Prior to her career as a racquetball pro, Marsha taught at the Boston University School of Dentistry in the Dental Assisting Program. She also enjoys riding motorcycles. Marsha still does all of this north of retirement age!

However, a lifetime of being a competitive athlete has taken its toll. Marsha now suffers from arthritis and degenerative disc disease. She had been getting injections without sedation and going to physical therapy. But Marsha’s quality of life wasn’t where she hoped, and she didn’t like getting injections without sedation or the down time that came with physical therapy. Because she is an active woman and wanted to get back to playing and teaching racquetball while effectively managing her pain and stiffness, Marsha decided to get a second opinion. In 2013, she began coming to Boston PainCare after being referred by her physical therapist. She was assessed by Dr. Silk and Dr. Keene, who both determined that her arthritis could be helped with facet and SI joint injections. She’s been coming to us ever since.

One of the things that attracted her to Boston PainCare was the fact that we offer the option of having sedation for her treatments. Marsha says, “Sedation has allowed me to tolerate my procedures. And, I feel the doctor can do a better job if I’m sedated. I don’t dread it. I am out for 10 minutes and then I wake up, go home, and lie down and let it [the injections] do their work.”

Marsha is not one of our typical chronic pain patients. She doesn’t need constant pain management. She comes in sporadically when her pain flares up beyond what she can manage with diet and exercise. Her individualized treatment plan has enabled Marsha to maintain her active lifestyle as well as improve her quality of life.

Now when Marsha hears of someone suffering from chronic pain, she encourages them to come to Boston PainCare. Marsha says:

“There’s no rhyme or reason for you to suffer. There are doctors who can help you. Hang in there and keep trying. Technology changes. Treatments change all the time for the better. The important thing is to get off your butt and see someone.”