March 2018 Patient Spotlight - Meet Maria!


Maria has been combating chronic pain for over 25 years. It started in her 50s when she was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and scoliosis. As the years went by, her condition was compounded by arthritis in her hips and shoulders, and degenerative disc disease in her back. Maria began coming to Boston PainCare after she moved to Ayer 4 years ago. Her new PCP there was unable to manage her chronic pain, so she referred Maria to Boston PainCare. Maria was immediately impressed with the Boston PainCare staff. She says, “They are so caring. They really motivate you to go on, and they don’t want to just give you a handful of pills. They want to listen to you and work with you to find what the best treatment for you is.”

Maria has used many of our services here. She’s had lumbar epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation, she’s enrolled in the med management program, and has attended “every workshop [we’ve] given”. She exemplifies the idea that there is no “one size fits all” solution to chronic pain, but with dedication and persistence by Maria and staff, her quality of life has improved. She says, “They are so kind here. They give you hope. They treat you like you’re the only patient and give you a lot of TLC. Dr. DiBenedetto will sit with you and talk with you and doesn’t rush you.”

Over the years, Maria has had rotator cuff surgery three times, her right hip replaced 9 years ago, and her left hip replaced a year ago February. That one had complications that required it to be repaired six days later, and then completely redone. Once that third surgery was complete, Maria was left with terrible pain. She said, “I will never forget that pain. It was just horrendous!” Maria had been active most of her life. She played golf three times a week. Went to the gym, loved to work in her garden, and play with her eleven grandchildren. All of this stopped once she had hip surgery last year.

Thankfully, after working with Dr. DiBenedetto and staff, Maria’s pain is manageable. Now she can play with all her grandchildren and her new great-grandchild and can keep up with the three grandchildren who now live with her. This Spring, she’s hoping to get back to gardening and maybe even golf when the weather gets warmer.

Maria says:

“I drive all the way from Ayer once per month to come here. They take the time to really listen and work with you to get where you need to be. I’m so glad I came here.”