Our patients’ words are proof positive that we are making a difference every day.

We’ve had many patients walk through our doors. And everyone has a story to tell about their pain journey. But we are happy to say that that our patients have one thing in common. They walk back out through our doors with new found hope and a better quality of life. These are the stories, the faces, and the lives that inspire all of us here to keep doing what we do best.

My primary care physician referred me to Boston PainCare. She had sent her father here and he had very positive results. Boston PainCare changed my life in many ways, one of them teaching me to live comfortably every day. The approaches I’ve learned through Boston PainCare programs have given me the confidence to take on my pain issues from an emotional and physical standpoint. Before Boston PainCare I was not educated on pain management, and I was far from feeling confident about dealing with my pain.

I would like to say “at Boston PainCare the entire staff is extremely supportive and takes your condition seriously.” The program has also educated me on pain treatments, and I feel as though I’m not alone in dealing with my pain.

I would tell someone that the level of care you receive from the program gives you a sense of “they have skin in the game and they’re doing a big part, so my attitude is I’ve got to walk out of here with a high level of responsibility to get better.” The program doesn’t simply prescribe medication to relieve your pain, they want to educate and support you on how to live with chronic pain. The biggest thing I learned from the program is the emotional and psychological aspect of dealing with chronic pain it is crucial in your recovery, and nobody does it better then Boston PainCare. I now have the confidence to go out every day and live an active lifestyle knowing that Boston PainCare is behind me.

~ Carl M.

I have wide spread pain throughout my body. The areas of pain are my neck, shoulders, back, and feet. Boston PainCare from day one gone to great lengths to help me deal with my pain and do whatever they could do to lessen my pain. They have done many tests and have tried many remedies to help me with the pain. I drive one and a half hours to get to Boston PainCare, but the distance is worth it, and I would drive longer if I had too.

What I am most pleased with is I have been treated like a person who needs help. I felt they believed me when I say that the pain I have is real. The staff have been incredibly warm, friendly, and never treated me like I was annoying them. When I come in they always make me feel like they are glad to see me. They have smiles on their faces every time and they are like family to me.

It didn’t happen overnight but I didn’t give up. Let the staff help you it takes time everyone’s pain is different and they will go out of their way to figure out how to lessen your pain, or get rid of it. I suffer from fibromyalgia, bursitis, and neuropathy. In the past I had severe pain and when I came home from work I would go to bed and cry. I would go to work the next day and do the same thing all over again. I had no quality of life. It has been almost two years since I have been coming to the clinic and I don’t think I’d been here today without their help. “Thank you Boston PainCare so much for giving my life back.”

~ Dawn O.

I was referred to Boston PainCare because for the pain management program for my lower back pain. The program has helped me because the staff here looks at the whole person. They listened to me with my concerns and problems, and directed me to practitioners and services that could help. They follow up with me at each procedure.

The staff is very friendly, courteous, and excellent listeners when I needed them to hear about my pain. I have found that every professional person here does not look at me as a number but as a person. They are genuine in their feelings, and they are always smiling.

I would say and have said many times that Boston PainCare is the best at their jobs. They listen carefully to you and help you to live with your pain and strive for pain free if possible. The staff has helped me by finding my problem, and directed me into the right path of care. They continuously follow me to make sure progress is still ongoing and achieved. “They are the best.”

~ Marilyn N.

I was referred to Boston PainCare after a failed surgery to cure or diminish my back pain. I was in immense pain and unable to do most daily tasks. After diagnostic testing here and treatment I have regained some ability to perform daily tasks, and with Behavioral Health my quality of life has improved greatly.

What has pleased me most is the total care received. While the pain issues were what brought me here as a patient, the staff has dealt with that plus all of the collateral care. Some of the interdisciplinary care I received consisted of Behavioral Health, Physical Therapy, and the use of prosthetic braces. “The coordination and total injury care has been exceptional.”

The interdisciplinary practice is the key to help you with pain. The knowledge, the team approach, and abilities of the team have been very beneficial. The pain itself is one issue, but all the effects are treated too. It is total care of all the aspects of pain. “I would recommend Boston PainCare highly.”

~ Michelle N.

I was referred to Boston PainCare by my Primary Care Physician for chronic back pain. When I first came to BPC I was having a lot of pain and feeling low, I found that people here actually listened and I didn’t have to prove what I was saying. You actually understood how I was feeling. I feel coming here was part of a divine intervention. My PCP was trying to book me with another pain center that had no openings, and he stated I know another pain center and I was booked right away by your staff.

Your interdisciplinary approach has been a major factor for me. BPC takes care of the whole person. I have utilized physical therapy, doing the exercises here and home, and tried the different medications to see which one works best for me, and finally the psychosocial factor that is offered here has been very helpful. The mental factor is so important learning to cope with the pain and learning to breathe differently when having severe pain.

The Boston PainCare concept of taking care of the whole person has been a relief for me. I have invited family and friends who have pain and are looking to have a whole person approach not a single approach such as a pill or injection to come here. Boston PainCare takes care of the total person and their total care.

~ Cornelia H.

I first came to Boston PainCare under the recommendation of my PCP for a sleep study back in 2009. I then became aware of what the center had to offer from the brother of one of your medical doctors here at BPC. The specialized care and the various avenues of treatment here at the center have led me to return to a full work volume in my field as a prosecutor. I was not able to do a full work load for two and half years previous to coming to Boston PainCare.

What has pleased me the most is the personal attention and genuine care during the course of treatments. The staff listens and provides various options through support groups, and injections. I can live a quality life, and have unlimited potential in my work. “This has been a life saver for me”.

If I had to tell anyone who suffers from pain about the center I would recommend the practice because of the interdisciplinary approach and the care and attention by the staff.

~ John B.

I am a Primary Care Internist and I have been referring to the Boston PainCare Center for the last 2 years. I am thrilled with the care they provide. Many of the patients I refer to them have already been through other back treatment centers and failed. These patients will reluctantly go to the Boston PainCare Center but then frequently will happily report significant improvement in their pain. My patients often rave about Dr. DiBenedetto, with his caring manner and professional care.

In addition, my office staff love working with the Boston PainCare Center because of the efficiency of the process of having our patients evaluated and treated. I wholeheartedly recommend the Boston PainCare Center for any patient or clinician who is looking for a caring, professional and efficient team to “treat patients with pain.”

~ Timothy P. Murphy, MD
 Weston Primary Care

I have been a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Massachusetts for over 30 years. In all my years practicing medicine, I have never seen a chronic pain management facility like Boston PainCare Center.
My patients have had nothing but positive things to say about their experiences at Boston PainCare Center. The staff is wonderful and attentive and my patients have had a significant reduction in their pain symptoms after treatment.

My experience as a referring physician has also been extremely positive. I have been very pleased with the communication from Boston PainCare Center from both the physicians and the staff, and how quickly they respond to any questions or concerns I have about the care of my patients. I am so glad that I have such a wonderful facility nearby where I can refer my patients.

~ Carl Spector, MD
 Newton, MA

I was referred to Boston PainCare a year after neck surgery. I still had a significant amount of pain after the surgery.

What has pleased me most is the medication I am taking. It has enabled me to live my daily life without the pain that has caused me to eliminate certain things that I needed or wanted to be able to do.

Carol stated that she tells her friends and family about the practice, and that she is grateful that she receives medication that helps her. Carol stated “I also like how the staff monitors everything so precisely. I have tried every procedure possible before coming here to BPC. I want to say thank you to Boston PainCare”.

~ Carol M.

When I was twenty-three years old I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. I broke several bones in my back, sternum, leg, and had a severe whiplash of my neck. One day while sitting at my desk at work my whole body was trembling. I could no longer fight the pain.

My primary care physician recommended Boston PainCare. It took my physician three months to convince me to make an appointment. It turned out to be the best thing that I ever did!

Boston PainCare has literally given me my life back. I was terrified that my body would not rebound as I had been fighting pain for the past twenty-three years. They did certain testing and put me on some medications. I religiously workout at home and have had some facet injections and radio frequency treatments done to both my neck and my back during my course of treatment at BPC. The results have been amazing.

I work at a small pet store and frequently lift heavy bags of dog food and bring them out to customer’s cars. When the customers find out my history they cannot believe how easily I do my job. I have told many of our customers about BPC and how they have changed my life. I will always be grateful that BPC is here not only for me, but for all of us that suffer from such a hard battle of chronic pain. Boston PainCare seems to genuinely care about what they do and it shows as I am walking proof of their methods!

~ Jane A.

I was initially referred to the practice when another affiliation was overwhelmed by all of my issues and felt that they could not help me. Boston PainCare has been the most amazing and most important aspect of improving my life. When I first came here I could barely walk, minimally functional, and could not tolerate my pain on a daily basis. However, the fact that you have a team approach where all the doctors are under one roof, and they actually listen and care about how you are doing. They speak to each other as a team but with all different roles and functions and complete the picture of me for treatment. I feel I can have some of me back!

I truly cannot put into words how much I am truly grateful for what each doctor, nurse, and medical assistants have done for me here. The treatment I have received here at Boston PainCare has given me some of my life back. After my accident where I almost died, my whole life changed to pain, suffering, loss of mainly everything. For years I went from hospital to hospital, doctor to doctor but never received care like this. At Boston PainCare the doctors have never given up on me, they work together as a team and gave the best course of treatment. They have truly kept me going.

I have already highly recommended not only the interdisciplinary practice but specifically Boston PainCare. The fact that all the different doctors and their specialties work together with you and each other has been the best part of this and so important. It has provided I believe a higher success rate for me personally and kept me more positive and focused on my road forward. I always try to stay positive and focus on whatever they can do to keep me going.

~ Kristin B.

When I first walked in this door, I was terrified and desperate. I’d been slogging through day after day of mind-numbing pain under the care of a doctor who, when I begged for ideas on how to manage my pain, always said “Just keep doing your physical therapy!” His message to me was two-fold: “Your pain is your fault – you don’t work hard enough,” and “Nothing else can help you.” After two years of that, I had decided it was time to get another opinion.

In the year since then, I’ve gone through a number of unsuccessful treatment attempts (various injections, ablation, etc) before hitting a success – I’m currently four months post-spinal fusion and feeling pretty excellent (and still working my butt off in physical therapy). Now they tell me that they want me to write down “my story” so other people can hopefully feel inspired and motivated by me. And I suppose it’s true that you only get out what you put into your treatment. You HAVE to be motivated, to be a participant, to work so incredibly hard and keep working even when you’re fed up and exhausted.

But I’m convinced that the ONLY way to keep a person with chronic pain motivated is for the health care team to be willing to put in just as much effort as the patient. From the moment I walked in here, I’ve been treated like a reasonable person who happened to be in an unreasonable situation. Not a lazy, non-compliant pill-seeker, but a person motivated enough to be an active participant in her own health care; someone smart enough to know when something isn’t working, and willing to keep trying other options. Bless this place and everyone who works here for being willing to work as hard as I work to make my life less pain-filled.

~ Marney B.

In April, I had the fortunate experience of being referred to the Boston PainCare Center. From the first appointment, I knew I was in the right place for my care. For many months following an injury, I had a number of healthcare professionals merely guessing at the cause of my pain and I experienced little to no relief. This only left me feeling frustrated and depressed, and rightfully so. My spirits were completely lifted when I came to this Center and met Dr. DiBenedetto. I was amazed by his thorough knowledge, and the way he was able to explain to me, the patient, what was going on with my body. Anxiety and doubt were no longer factors in my recovery; I experienced a complete feeling of relief, like I would finally get the treatment I needed.

Dr. DiBenedetto proposed treatments that were reasonable to me, and every procedure was explained to me in full. It wasn’t long after my last procedure in June that I noticed my pain diminishing. I began resuming activities that I enjoyed before my injury like cycling, swimming, and going to the gym. Six months prior to this, I couldn’t walk around a store for more than 20 minutes without experiencing unbearable pain.

I have never witnessed a clinical setting like Boston PainCare Center; every employee I encountered at the Center, was incredibly friendly, professional, and made me feel at ease and confident in the treatment I was receiving. It is difficult to find words to express the debt of gratitude owed to the team at Boston PainCare Center and especially Dr. DiBenedetto. You truly change lives, restore hope, and health.

~ Rebecca C.

Rebecca stated that after seeing several doctors for lower back pain she was finally referred to the Boston PainCare. Here she was taught to manage her pain using a new approach.

The kindness and understanding given by the staff has helped her immensely. What has pleased her most was the staff actual understood and listen to her worries and the extent of her pain.

Rebecca stated she believed that if Boston PainCare could help her someone who is stubborn, skeptical, and nearly at the end of their rope they surely could help you.

“Boston PainCare has been a godsend. It’s all about being sent or going to the right place”.

~ Rebecca M.

I was sent here by my doctor because he didn’t want to give me pain medications anymore. I came here thinking I was going to get a shot and that’s it, but everything with Dr. Silk, Dr. Counihan, and the physical therapy has helped tremendously. I had a lot of pain when I first started and now I have no pain. I was on many pain medications for over eight years. I am down to two pain pills a day.

Physical therapy has pleased me the most about my course of treatment at Boston PainCare Center. Everyone is very friendly. Physical therapy here really knows what they’re doing. I’ve been to many other physical therapy places and they have done nothing compared to what they have done here.

I’ve already told a couple people about this place. I would say to others who suffer from pain that if you have tried other places and it didn’t work to come to Boston PainCare Center and give it a try. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

~ Roy V.

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