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As the leading cause of disability worldwide, chronic back pain prevents millions of American adults from working or engaging in daily activities. At Boston PainCare, the integrative team of board-certified physicians offers numerous treatments to help you manage chronic back pain. From ruptured discs in your spine to spinal stenosis or other conditions, the multidisciplinary specialists at Boston PainCare can help alleviate back pain so you can focus on improving your quality of your life. Call our office to make an appointment today.

Back Pain Q & A

What Causes Chronic Back Pain?

Your spine is a complex structure of bones, ligaments, muscles, and nerves that are affected by age-related conditions, overuse, and injury. As a result, you can end up with ruptured discs or a degenerative condition that makes it painful to sit, stand, or walk for an extended period. Wear-and-tear, lifting a heavy object, or even a hereditary condition can lead to chronic back pain that reduces your mobility.

Common causes of back pain include:

An acute injury that doesn’t heal properly can lead to arthritis or a degenerative condition that doesn’t resolve on its own. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to seek treatment for back pain before it leads to further complications.

If back pain does become chronic and prevents you from going to work or being as active as you’d like, the pain management team at Boston PainCare can help you get long-term relief.

How Does a Pain Management Specialist Treat Back Pain?

The team of multidisciplinary, board-certified physicians and pain management specialists takes a holistic approach to treating your back pain. Your provider diagnoses the underlying cause of your pain, and recommends multiple therapies and treatments so you get maximum relief from pain.

The goal of your pain management team is to minimize pain and help you regain mobility so you can resume a more active lifestyle, even if that means simply being able to go to work each day without debilitating pain.

At Boston PainCare, your individualized back pain treatment plan may include:

In most cases, your physician will prescribe noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures first, but if those don’t provide the relief you need, surgery may be an option.

How Do I Prevent Back Pain?

Once you have your back pain under control, you can take steps to prevent it from flaring up again. Daily stretching, maintaining a healthy weight, and sleeping on a supportive mattress are all strategies you can take to prevent back pain. Also, quitting smoking and practicing good posture can be beneficial.

Learn how to manage your pain with the team of experienced, caring, pain management experts at Boston PainCare. Their offices are conveniently located in Waltham and Concord, Massachusetts. Call today for a consultation or to book an appointment.

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"Boston PainCare is the only place where I have truly received real help for my chronic pain."
"I highly recommend Boston PainCare if you suffer with chronic pain. I don't know what I would do without them!"
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"This is the first group I've been to that actually took the time to uncover the cause and not just treat symptoms with medication."
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