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Millions of Americans use opioids to manage pain, and the resulting dependencies on prescription medications have become a crisis across the country. The compassionate team of board-certified physicians at Boston PainCare, with locations in Waltham, Concord, and by appointment in Natick, Massachusetts, specialize in pain and medication management. If you or a family member uses opioids to manage chronic pain, alternative, drug-free therapies are available. Physical therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other treatments can alleviate pain, manage dependency on medications, and improve your overall quality of life. Call the office near you or book an appointment online to get expert medication management help.

Medication Management Q & A

What is Medication Management?

The goal of a medication management program is to decrease or eliminate your need for drugs so you can live a healthier life. By discussing your complete list of medications with your pain management specialist at Boston PainCare, they can determine how to best help you decrease your dependency on pills.

The doctors customize a treatment protocol based on your individual needs, so you first undergo a comprehensive evaluation process.

What Happens in a Medication Management Program?

As part of your comprehensive evaluation, your doctors don’t prescribe any medications during the 4-6 week evaluation process. Your unique needs for pain treatment require a customized pain medication management plan that treats you as a whole person.

You have to be willing to fully participate in all aspects of the program that can help reduce or eliminate your need for pain medications, such as:

  • Physical therapy
  • Functional rehabilitation
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Patient education and counseling

This holistic approach to medication management and pain treatment without drugs leads to alleviating pain and increasing function with the lowest doses of opioid and analgesic medications possible.

Who Can Benefit From Medication Management Services?

Anyone who is dependent on pain medications for chronic conditions may benefit from a medication management program. Many pain medications are addictive or come with adverse side effects. The goal of medication management is to help you decrease your dependency and your need for medications to get through your day.

By taking a therapeutic approach to alleviating your pain and helping you deal more effectively with chronic health conditions, you can become less dependent on prescription drugs. Medication management programs that treat the whole person, like the exceptional services at Boston PainCare, can improve the quality of your life, physically and emotionally.

A therapeutic approach to pain management also addresses the underlying causes of your pain rather than masking symptoms with medication. The integrative health care team provides you with all the support you need to make the transition from medication dependency to a healthier, happier existence.

When you’re ready to take a positive step toward pain management, and you need professional help with medication management, contact one of the Boston PainCare offices or request a consultation online.

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