Medication Management

BPC Medication Management Program

Boston PainCare is highly regarded throughout the region for our BPC Medication Management Program. We have an exceptionally thorough and successful program which has helped thousands of patients decrease or eliminate medications and live a healthier life.

Every patient is different and requires a customized approach to treatment for their pain. The customized program at Boston PainCare has been respected for our protocol. Candidates undergo a comprehensive evaluation process to determine that they meet the strict criteria for placement in the medication management program. No medications are prescribed during the 4-6 week evaluation process. As we strive to treat the whole patient, patients in the medication management program must be willing to fully participate in all of the non-medication programs that can benefit them.

If accepted into the program, patients must sign an agreement and adhere to the program guidelines. Failure to comply with program guidelines can result in discharge from the program. Our patients are carefully followed with urine drug testing as well as comprehensive behavioral assessments. Our goal is for each patient to be maintained on the lowest possible dose of opioid and analgesic medications. Our comprehensive approach gives our patients the best possible outcomes and helps each person reach their maximum functionality.

Medication Management Enrollment Application Process

During the First Visit, the patient will:

  • Review and sign the Guide to the Enrollment Process
  • Complete Lab Testing
  • Request Medical Records, if required

During the Second Visit, the patient will complete the following:

  • A Functional Evaluation
  • A Behavioral Evaluation
  • A Medical Evaluation
  • Patient Education

Evaluation visits are offered with limited availability.

Please allow for 2 1/2 hours to complete the visit.

During the Interdisciplinary Review, our team collaboratively reviews the results of your evaluations. While waiting for their decision, the patient must review the medication management agreement thoroughly.

Once accepted, patients will be contacted to schedule an enrollment visit.

During this visit, the patient will:

  • Review and register for an Opioid Safety / Patient Education Workshop
  • Review and Sign the Medication Management Agreement
  • Review and Sign Informed Consent
  • Complete a Clinical Enrollment Visit

The Opioid Safety / Patient Education Workshops are given Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Clinical Enrollment visits are completed in conjunction with the workshops. The combined workshop and visit will take 90 minutes.

The Workshop introduces the patient to the BPC Medication Management Program team and Boston PainCare philosophy, the risks and benefits of opioid medications, the BPC Medication Management Program’s guidelines and policies, and provides tips for how to succeed in the BPC Medication Management Program.

Additionally, patients will be expected to:

  • Participate in routine lab/urine drug testing
  • Allow Boston PainCare to communicate with all your past and current care providers
  • Authorize Boston PainCare to receive relevant medical records
  • Obtain and provide proof of lockbox/safe

Cancellation Policy: A $50 cancellation fee will be charged for rescheduling a medication management visit with less than three business days notice. This fee must be paid prior to you seeing your pain specialist.

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