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When chronic nerve pain disrupts your ability to stay active, you may get immediate relief from nerve blocks. The board-certified staff at Boston PainCare, with locations in Waltham, Concord, and by appointment in Natick, Massachusetts, offers the convenience of in-office nerve block injections to treat chronic pain in your back, legs, and more. Schedule a consultation today at the office nearest you by phone or by using the online booking feature.

Nerve Blocks Q & A

What is a Nerve Block?

A nerve block is an injection treatment that stops pain from a variety of nerve-related conditions. Through an injection or series of injections, the medications turn off pain signals in the nerves that travel to your brain.

The team at Boston PainCare offers a variety of nerve block injections, based on your specific condition. They include:

  • Occipital Nerve Blocks:┬áThese are injections of anesthetics or steroids into the occipital nerve, located in the back of the head. This treatment is effective for alleviating pain of chronic headaches.
  • Peripheral Nerve Blocks: These are injections of anesthetics or other pain medicines into the area near the major nerves of your legs. The injection numbs your nerves to give you fast relief of pain.
  • Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks:┬áThis type of injection uses a local anesthetic to numb the sympathetic nerves located on either side of your spine in the lower part of your back, which are responsible for blood flow regulation.

Why Do I Need a Nerve Block?

If you suffer from chronic pain due to a damaged nerve, a nerve block can provide quick and effective pain relief. Injections can address pain, which often starts in the spine, but also affects areas like:

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Buttocks

You may also benefit from a nerve block as a diagnostic resource to determine the source of your pain. By injecting anesthetic or pain-killing medicine into certain areas, your Boston PainCare provider can determine whether you experience any pain relief. This helps pinpoint possible causes of your pain or functionality issues.

What Happens During a Nerve Block Procedure?

To ensure the correct placement of the needle during a nerve block, your Boston PainCare provider may use the guidance of a live X-ray, or fluoroscopy.

Your provider can use a topical numbing cream to keep you comfortable during the injection. When the needle is in the proper place, they inject the pain medicine or anesthetic into the area surrounding the nerve.

Within a few minutes of treatment, you should experience a significant reduction in your pain, and the relief can last for up to two weeks. Eventually, your body absorbs the medications, and you may need follow-up injections to stay pain-free.

The Boston PainCare team creates a custom treatment plan that outlines how often you can safely receive new injections based on your condition and the severity of your pain.

Find out if a nerve block may be a treatment option for your chronic pain by calling the office nearest you or by booking a consultation online today.

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