April 2018 Patient Spotlight

Meet Tom!

Tom P.Five years ago, Tom rarely the left the house. Between his back pain, chronic Lyme, and diverticulitis, he couldn’t eat, sleep and was in constant pain. Like many chronic pain patients, he also was hindered by severe anxiety about even leaving the house. He felt like he never was going to get well.

Then 2 years ago, Tom ran into a friend at the grocery store. His friend also suffered from chronic back pain, but there he was, walking and looking better than he had in years. When Tom asked what changed, his friend told him: Boston PainCare. Tom made an appointment and got in within days.

Tom saw Dr. Silk for his initial evaluation within a few days and treatments began soon after.

“Dr. Silk told me that we’re going to take care of you no matter what it takes, but it could take a little longer than you think.” Tom was amazed by the attitude of Dr. Silk and all the staff with their positive, ‘can do’ approach.

Over the last couple years, Tom has been seen by Dr. Silk, Dr. Giblin, and Dr. Bazoberry. He’s received hip injections, neck injections, and back injections. Tom noticed a great deal of improvement, but saw a more significant change when he started attending Dr. Counihan’s functional rehab (FAST Track) class.

“When Dr. Counihan first assessed me for class,” Tom said, “He explained that I won’t be cured, but he would, through exercise, help me improve my balance, become stronger, and more active.”

“Realizing that I won’t be cured but I could learn better ways to manage my pain, changed my thought process. Once I started attending class, it changed my mood completely.” Tom also enjoys attending what he calls his “Monday pick-me-up” with Matt Roselli after the Monday FAST Track class, as well as the once per month workshop giving by Dr. Counihan on chronic pain management.

Tom saw the most significant change in his condition when he became more active. Tom reports: “It changed my mood completely. And now I sleep better. I cut down on my pills. Dr. Silk took me off what I had been taking and now I only take one pain medication per day. And then working with Dr. Counihan, it just built and built and built until I got better and stronger.”

Tom notes that he rarely misses a FAST Track class and was recently awarded the Centurion Certificate of Wellness for attending 100 classes.

Tom has been thrilled with his progress since coming to Boston PainCare.

He says: “If anyone is in doubt, please talk to me! I can now get out and walk. I sleep better… Chronic pain doesn’t go away, but you can feel better and better about yourself.
It’s a good feeling!”


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