December 2017 Employee Spotlight

Dr. Kelly Wawrzyniak, PsyD

Dr. Kelly WawrzyniakDr. Wawrzyniak joined Boston PainCare in June 2013. She decided to specialize in pain psychology after her internship at Tufts Craniofacial Pain Center during graduate school. She was surprised that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a common treatment for anxiety and depression, was helpful to so many patients with chronic pain. Seeing the improvements in her patients’ pain severity and quality of life led her to find a job working at a pain center after she finished her graduate training.

Dr. Wawrzyniak really enjoys working with the BPC team. She loves to learn about new medical treatments that help chronic pain patients. She says: “I like working with people who have different backgrounds and experiences treating pain patients. As a team we bring all of that to the table so that we can create unique care plans for our patients. It is exciting and rewarding for us as practitioners when we see our patients’ progress.”

In her free time, Dr. Wawrzyniak enjoys playing tennis, going hiking in the Blue Hills, and kayaking. She also enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes and new spices.

Since joining us almost 5 years ago, Dr. Wawrzyniak was appointed the Director of Clinical Research Development. She has worked diligently in that role to find clinical studies that will help improve function and pain management. “Participating in clinical research studies is a great way for people to take an active role in the search for better pain treatments, in a large-scale way. When I work with a research participant, we are partnering to find out the truth about a research question, such as ‘is this an effective medication for pain or not?'”

Dr. Wawrzyniak also attends pain conferences each year, such as the American Pain Society, American Academy of Pain Medicine, and the International Conference on Opioids, where Boston PainCare’s research is presented. “We offer something very different in the way we approach and treat chronic pain. Much different from other chronic pain clinics in the Boston area as well as across the United States. Very few places approach the treatment of chronic pain as we do using integrated services and an interdisciplinary approach.” Says Dr. Wawrzyniak: “I enjoy coming to work every day to collaborate with colleagues and to help patients live their lives to the fullest and to use our research to help improve the standards for chronic pain treatment.”


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