February 2018 Patient Spotlight

Meet Geraldine!

Geraldine E.Geraldine came to Boston PainCare in 2012 for degenerative disc disease in her lower back. She had been treated by her PCP for a couple of years but saw no improvement. She was in constant pain in her back and hips and her activity was severely limited. Her husband had to do all the housework and the shopping, and even going out to lunch with her sister was difficult. She had constant pain, and just getting a script from her PCP wasn’t helping.

By 2012, her back pain had also moved into her hips. So many of her activities had to be curtailed that she knew she had to find something different. She knew she had to find a place that would relieve her pain so she could function again, and do the things she liked to do. She simply wanted her life back. Geraldine’s husband searched the internet and found Boston PainCare. After discussing this with family, Geraldine discovered that her sister had a friend who came here as well. Geraldine took their recommendations and decided to give Boston PainCare a try. She has never looked back!

Geraldine has embraced many of the services at Boston PainCare. She has received epidural steroid injections and radiofrequency ablation from Dr. Bazoberry, trigger point and bursa injections from Dr. Silk, and she works with Kate, Marina, and Hannah in Med Management. After almost 6 years, Geraldine is happy to report that her back and hip pain have decreased to very manageable levels. More importantly, she is active again! She works out on a stationary bike every day, she takes walks outside with her husband, and she goes shopping with friends. And yes, Geraldine has no difficulty going out to lunch with her sister. She says, “I was miserable but now I got my life back.”

When asked if she could give any words of advice to our new patients, Geraldine said: “Stick with it and follow what the doctors tell you to do, and you’ll discover that not only will you feel a lot better, but you’ll be more active and able to enjoy life! I did it. You can, too!”


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