June 2018 Patient Spotlight

Meet Tracey!

Tracey M.Tracy has suffered from back pain for 15 years. “I had trouble walking, going up and down stairs, and I would be in bed for hours with severe back pain. I would be in so much pain I couldn’t move. I was hurting, and it was hard getting people to listen. Other doctors ordered tests, MRIs, bone density scans, but no one could give me an exact diagnosis or give me relief from my constant, chronic pain. I became severely depressed. I was in bad shape before I came here.”

Fifteen years ago, Tracy went bike riding with her daughter. Camping with the family. She had a job. Then all of a sudden, she started getting pain shooting down her legs. The pain got worse and worse, until she couldn’t go to the grocery store or pickup a gallon of milk. She couldn’t work. Tracy’s life was very limited. Then about 5 years ago, the nurse at her PCP office recommended Boston PainCare. Tracy made the call, and she got in right away.

Boston PainCare makes a plan just for YOU.

“In the beginning, you feel like you see a sea of doctors and each and every one listened to me. At my initial evaluation I met with Dr. Silk and Kate. Then the doctors and nurses got together and made a plan just for me. It included injections from Dr. Silk and Dr. Bazoberry and working with med management and behavioral health.

Everything they suggested I did. I’ve gotten trigger injections from Dr. Silk for bursitis and Radiofrequency Ablation for my back from Dr. Bazoberry. I’ve worked with Kate and Marina and Hannah in med management, and Matt in Behavioral Health.”

“I feel so good now, and my life is pretty much back to normal. Now I can go to the grocery store, go walking, do the dishes, clean, garden… and I know my restrictions. I know when to stop and when to slow down.

“I drive over an hour from Connecticut, but it is well worth it. Everything is about you here. The staff at Boston PainCare takes the time to really listen – and they believe you! It’s taken some time, but I can see the progress. Fighting chronic pain is a long term battle but you can get your life back.”


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